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 “Find your place on the planet. Dig in, and take responsibility from there.”


Cultivating Visionary Leadership Courses

Are you looking for tangible, practical, relevant training on some of the most vital environmental,

strategic, and societal leadership topics of our time?

Have you ever wondered how profitable business and people can relate to the planet "differently"?


Are you tired of meetings that talk about change that never seems to happen? 

Cultivating Visionary Leadership is a course that digs deep into the forgotten wisdom that we all belong on this planet and have a vital role to play as co-inhabitants.

Are you looking to cultivate deep understanding and regard for what it means to be a visionary leader for the emerging realms of business governance, decolonization, sustainability, or inclusion that goes beyond the limitations of race and gender of the human species?


Would you or your team benefit from being immersed in a learning context that facilitates deep understanding of how your organization, the language, meetings, the marketing and corporate strategy, could be in better aligned to the vitality of the planet?


In our Cultivating Visionary Leadership Course, we travel the forest service roads of the Okanagan in specially equipped 4x4 vehicles to experience remote locations that are intentionally selected to enhance the learners experience during our courses.


Some have said, “ can think of this as Outward Bound

meets ecologically conscious MBA.”

Talking about the most important enviro/social topics has traditionally been hampered by the limitations of the boardroom / amphitheater / or conference center. How can you or anyone else truly gain an experiential awareness of this planet and its living ecosystems through a slide show? - never mind cultivate a deep and lasting regard.




What’s unique and special about this course, is that we have taken the time to curate an immersive journey that amplifies the deep meaning of the content, so that the knowledge moves beyond the confines of memorization and into the lived experience of the participants.

During our Cultivating Visionary Leadership Course, when we stop in a particular place, we integrate the elements that are alive around us to infuse transformational understanding of how visionary leadership will require us to re-frame our traditional approaches. Then, as a group, in a safe space, explore the practical and tangible skills of how to facilitate those transitions within our own organizations.

Be assured that the topics of each course are leading edge in their practical business relevance. With this Cultivating Visionary Leadership course, we have simply answered the call to orient our business training in a direction that revitalizes our essential belonging as integral members of this world.

If you’re just looking to go on a tour, this isn’t that.

We offer boutique courses that take place in remote wilderness contexts, and dive deep into the crucial and often uncomfortable depths of transformational honesty in order to facilitate profound and lasting paradigm shifts in leaders who wish to play a vital role in transforming the way their organizations interact with this planet. This is where visionary business strategies and the eco-conscious soul of a leader are intentionally brought together to revitalize the potential within your organization.


Course Outlines

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Cultivating Visionary Leadership Course Overview

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Course 1: Awaken to the Ensouled Wilderness

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Course 2: The Deep Leadership Transformation

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Course 3: Fully Customized Program

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