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Our BEST- shared with you and your organization. Municipalities possess significant natural assets, the potential of which is often under-utilized. Recognizing and tapping into this potential can inspire hope and bring about positive change.

What we do

As a consultative service, Level Up Strategies plays a crucial role in working with government and other agencies to put wellness plans into action within their community. Our work is important and valued in the pursuit of community wellness.

It is often the perceived separation between built-up and natural spaces that results in the under-utilization of significant community assets, including mental health, anxiety reduction, safe recreation, physical well-being, soulful regeneration, mindfulness practices, and re-naturalization within the urban context.

How we can help

We specialize in creating comprehensive asset inventories of water and land-based natural assets such as streams, creeks, rivers, ponds, lakes, wetlands, estuaries, and inter-tidal zones.

Forests, parks, boulevards, green spaces, and cultivated venues should be paired with curated wellness initiatives that are either ready within the municipality for deployment or generated as part of the consultation.

In a time where “Environment" and "Crisis” are two words frequently joined together, we help motivated and visionary governments to cultivate a regenerative message through a revision of the way the community experiences the natural world within built-up and populated contexts.

Ready to get started?

Get in touch today, and we will help you put plans into action

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