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Our BEST- shared with you and your organization. We guide groups of people to make integrated decisions efficiently, and get things done in an eco-conscious manner.

Campus Wellness

Universities are currently grappling with urgent challenges related to student engagement in the classroom, exacerbated by social anxiety, other mental health issues, and a disturbing rise in suicides. (Ward & Wong, 2024).


Level Up Strategies specializes in providing campus-based wellbeing solutions that, when adopted by the university, can lead to a significant improvement in staff and student wellbeing.

How we can help

Our unique ecological-based approach (Farr, 2024), a departure from traditional policy-based methods, leverages the abundant natural resources present on the university campus. We consider the natural elements on campus to be unique an diverse form of medicine (Forster, 2022), and a significant asset in the cultivation of well-being on campus.


Most academic institutions have vast grounds not utilized to their full regenerative potential, especially concerning mental health and well-being. While they focus on biodiversity and ecological restoration (uOttawa, 2024), linking these spaces to well-being is notably absent, and student health challenges are mounting.


Engaging with the existing nature-based assets allows Level Up Strategies and partner universities to build something extraordinary: a customized framework with clear pathways to incorporating well-being into the ethos and rhythm of campus life, rather than viewing wellness and mental health programs as appendages that get grafted outside of core activities.

Ready to get started?

If you feel like it’s time to do more, and want solutions that work quickly with the resources the University already has on-hand, reserve your consultation now.

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