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The future will be influenced by our actions today. We guide groups of people to make integrated decisions efficiently, and get things done in an eco-conscious manner. Aurora is an ecosystem for expressing potential. 'Dawning Conscious Living' is the essence of this project which draws from the deep foundations of circular practice, collective wisdom, and conscious business.

Cultivating Vital Organizations Through Eco-Consciousness

Fostering paradigms that revitalize people and the organizations they ensoul

Visionary Leadership is Needed!

     Green-washing traditional business practices will not address the issues we are experiencing in this vital time.  Presently our media is flooded with terms that reinforce the old paradigms of “battle against the environment”. The headlines read that we are “fighting climate change”, there is a “climate crisis”, and “global warming” will lead to our mass extinction. 


The Problem Organizations Face:


     Organizations are faced with a bunch of loosely defined and diluted terminology like Environmental Social Governance (ESG’s), sustainability, circular economy, inclusion, decolonization, indigenization, and living systems, just to name a few, and somehow leaders are expected to know what to do about the challenges this planet is facing.  


    Navigating forward, organizations and their leaders need guidance to help re-imagine the traditional business systems that contributed to our current challenges.  Buzzwords without generative action typically lead to greater fear and bigger challenges.

How We Have Answered the Call

Our core belief is that we don’t need to fear Mother Nature, and we also have a meaningful role to play in her well-being as well as our own. We recognize the need to cultivate something much deeper and more eco-conscious than we have in the past. At Level Up Strategies, we have channeled our business acumen, our understanding of eco-consciousness, along with our comprehensive experience in wilderness exploration to bring you something special. 


We have curated a series of courses that cultivate deep regard for the environment along with tangible skills for leaders who care to develop thriving organizations that are in relationship with the living world.

The Earth is letting its inhabitants know that things need to shift, and our courses are for visionary leaders who are answering that call—specifically, people who care about how their organizations relate to the ensouled world around them.

“For several centuries Western civilization has had a drive for material accumulation, continual extensions of economic power, termed 'progress'...The longing for growth is not wrong. The nub of the problem is how to flip over, as in jujitsu, the magnificent growth energy of modern civilization into a nonacquisitive search for deeper knowledge of self and nature.”  – Gary Snyder




Eco-Conscious Research

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Eco-Consciousness as a Visionary Paradigm for Vital Businesses
Drinking From the Wellspring_edited.jpg

Drinking from the Wellspring: An Embodied Inquiry at the Confluence of Ecological Identity, Water, and Wellbeing

- Rachel Farr, 2024

 “Find your place on the planet. Dig in, and take responsibility from there.”


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