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First Nations communities are the original stewards of the land upon which we live and build our businesses.

Accessing Business Solutions

There is a tremendous potential for people on-Nation to lead the necessary and urgent transformation in how business is an integral part of thriving communities, economic self-sufficiency, and stewardship of the resources we all need to build a sustainable and bright future.


However, because of systemic and geographic challenges, the most current and visionary business solutions are often unavailable on-Nation where they are needed.

How we can help

Level Up Strategies is unique in offering off-Nation support strategies to Nation-lead businesses that work.


At Level Up Strategies, we don't just produce reports – we deliver practical solutions. Our team is skilled at building and running lean, profitable businesses.


Economic development managers for First Nation communities may have businesses already running that need a boost in operational efficiency, profitability, employee engagement, client growth, or social regeneration.


Or, there may be a desire to launch new ventures that catalyze the community's entrepreneurial spirit. In this case, a comprehensive review of the market potential, as well as a pathway to building the business infrastructure, value delivery corridor, contracts and legal requirements, HR considerations, and lean operations, are all part of how we assist Indigenous entrepreneurs in their great work.


At Level Up Strategies, we envision a future where Nation-run businesses lead the economic pathway for traditional businesses to follow. If you share this vision and see yourself leading on that path, we are here to support you.

Ready to get started?

Get in touch today, and we will help you put plans into action

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