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Level Up Leadership 2.0

Level Up Strategies Inc. is the Okanagan's premier leadership development company. Located in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, we specialize in the fast-paced and dynamic world of technology and innovation, ensuring success for companies that are set to scale their growth.

Our data-driven leadership development model is proven to unlock an individual's potential in the workplace.

Our skillset is helping individuals learn the technical skills of Agile principles, Lean Methodology, and Customer focused development. * Yes those are buzz words - but we make these concepts a tangible reality in the workplace to enhance a leader's ability to deliver quality results in complex and sophisticated environments.

The best way to ensure job security is to become an indispensable resource to your organization and your clients. Participants will receive industry-leading training, combined with coaching and mentoring that is specifically suited to meet the demands of the modern Information Technology space. Our goal is to turn employees into indispensable resources that drive the success of modern organizations.


Our skilled and certified trainers have proven track records in business, Tech-Industry specific designations, and years of direct training experience.

Your training will be personal, engaging, informative and empowering. In this digital age, Level Up Strategies has the tools you need to meet your scheduling and training needs. We can connect remotely via computer or phone, and we integrate our tools with Microsoft and Google hosted business platforms.


Successful completion of the Level Up Leadership 2.0 program will include certification in 3 core competencies over a 4 month curriculum plan + 1 Year of focused follow-up.

  1. Self Leadership

  2. Others Leadership

  3. Business Leadership


Participants will also receive:

  • A personalized Level Up DISC 4D Personality Profile

  • The ability to understand and connect with people of similar and different personalities and approaches

  • A peer 360 Leadership review

  • A 21 point Leadership self-assessment tool and personal development guide

  • 4 one-on-one coaching sessions with a leadership development strategist

  • 1 year of follow-up leadership development metrics to chart your personal growth

  • A 4 step planning framework for effective planning and stakeholder engagement

  • Value tracking tools for demonstrable business outcomes

  • 7 key waste reduction principles for workflow delivery

  • Access to group training resources * Scope and content TBD on an individual basis

Training offered locally at $10,000 + tax

Remote training quotes available upon request

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Does your organization need specialized consulting? We specialize in:


The quality of communication in an organization will dictate the health and capacity of the entire organization.


A typical workforce has two thirds of its employees disengaged. Capture this lost value and transform your business, your culture, and your customer experience.


Know which opportunities to pursue and ensure that your organization isn’t exposed to unnecessary risk. Making money is one thing, not losing it is another.


Learn how to mobilize participation, build consensus and empower employee excellence to achieve extraordinary results.


A full 80% of the challenges that any organization faces have their source in the psychology of the leadership. As you develop your own capacity, you will unlock the potential of your team.


In-person training with hands-on development coaching strategies, including:

  • Online digital engagement resources

  • Video Conferencing and live streaming instruction

  • Personalized self-assessment and measuring tools

  • Group assessment metrics * Where team dynamics apply


Our training is backed by our Top Quality Results guarantee! If you are not completely satisfied with the training inside the first month of service, simply return the resources we have provided and you will receive a full refund. * That is how confident we are about our services and our training.

The success of your organization lies within the leadership capacity of the individuals in your business. The more leadership people bring to the table the more value the business can deliver to the market. Take your organization to the next level by learning from Level Up Strategies, the leading growth strategy company in the Okanagan.


Brought to you by Level Up Strategies Inc. Est. 2007 *B Corp. Candidate.


Do you learn best one-on-one?

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Brandon Farr is an engaging entrepreneur, consultant and business executive strategist. With many years of experience in contracting, construction and organizational turn-around, he will help take you to the next level in your life, your business and within your sphere of influence.


Brandon is dedicated to helping people achieve extraordinary results and live meaningful lives.

Healthy relationships are the foundation that businesses succeed upon. Kevin's primary focus is to enhance interpersonal skills and create team unity. He accomplishes this through the use of emotional intelligence principles, group engagement theories and communication skills. His coaching technique is a natural progression of taking who he is, his years of experience and applying it to your current situation... and it works.

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